My own passion for the outdoors has led to a wealth of experience working with outdoor/adventure clients. I specialise in providing nutrition strategies to enhance performance and better the experience in adventure and the outdoors.

Careful planning of your foods and fluids can contribute to a better experience in your chosen environment or your adventure, whether a multi-day mountain trip or an expedition in the desert or ice. Planning and practising your nutrition strategy in advance can benefit performance and cognition and can play a role in the safety and enjoyment of a trip. 

Correct nutrition can help you reach your full fitness potential, enhance muscular recovery, boost energy levels and improve your mental state. This enables you to get more out of the experience and are thus adapt better to thrive in an often challenging environment.

I have experience working with mountaineers, expeditions, adventure racers, multi day trips, snow-sports, ultra runners and climbers. Whatever your adventure goal we can work together to formulate a nutrition strategy to suit your requirements.

How I can help

  • Optimise mountain fitness
  • Nutrition strategies for multi-stage ultra races
  • Nutrition strategies for multi-day trips
  • Nutrition for mountain sports
  • Nutrition strategies to optimise performance at altitude, in the cold or heat
  • Nutrition plans for expeditions
  • Nutrition support and attendance at training camps

What to expect

Depending on the needs of the adventure, tailored nutrition strategies are devised and resources provided including menu planning and catering advice. Nutrition services can include individual consultations in person or via Skype or FaceTime.


I can also provide tailored group workshops and lectures for adventures sports and teams, clubs or groups. 


Please get in touch for further information or to book a consultation.