Why work with a dietitian?

Confused by the conflicting nutrition messages you hear? Eager to know the best foods to eat for your health, sport or adventure? Then you’ve come to the right place.

I’m a dietitian. I am specialised in the area of sport nutrition and have many years of evidence-based practice in health, sport and adventure. I take the time to make sure I stay up to date with the latest, true nutrition science, in order to best serve my clients, helping them understand the difference between nutrition fallacy and nutrition fact.

It's my job to help you choose the right foods to eat based on your lifestyle choices, sporting endeavours or epic adventures, but above all to help you achieve your best health.

I will help by formulating a nutrition plan for your own unique requirements, providing you with the tools and knowledge to be able to implement nutrition strategies that match your desired goal, be it wanting to eat better around your training to help you reach your full sporting potential, devise a nutrition plan to help you summit a mountain or help you achieve improved eating towards a health goal.

Find out more about my experience, or explore the services I offer for health, sport and adventure

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