10 Ways to Identify a Real Nutrition Expert

A rough guide to knowing who to trust in the nutrition industry

Avoid the Nutrition Traps! 

Avoid the Nutrition Traps! 

  1. We ADD MORE food to your daily eating and don’t describe foods as good or bad. 

  2. You don’t know everything about nutrition (and neither do we)! But we know where to source the trusted scientific resources and are non-bias towards the advice we provide. 

  3. We are skilled in helping you change your habits and behaviour - for the long haul!! We don’t simply hand out a diet sheet to follow, sell you a one size fits all plan or a book with a promise. 
  4. We don’t believe everything we read and hear; we can decipher between what is factual and what is out right speculation. 

  5. We understand you are unique; you are you! We are able to tailor dietary advice to suit your personal needs and lifestyle. 

  6. We inform, educate and empower! We do not preach or try to sell you a certain diet! Be wary of anyone who has an opinion, is a strong advocate of a single diet approach or ‘way of life’. 

  7. We have your best interests at heart and cause no harm. Be careful of anyone that promises you something that sounds too good to be true or claims nutrition can 'cure'... We don't shun modern medicine nor proclaim to be an alternate therapy to a Doctors advice. 

  8. We have been properly trained, have become experts through the correct learning channels and are open to change our nutrition advice based on sound new research.

  9. We have a wealth of practical experience and know how this stuff works! 

  10. We don’t give advice based on anecdotes or personal opinions.