Dre Israel – Backcountry Snowboarder / Owner at Fresh Tracks Verbier

“As a winter sports athlete and a pescatarian I wanted to learn more about how to maximize my energy levels through my chosen diet. I had also recently undergone open knee surgery and was struggling to recover lost leg muscle. I was training very hard but knew that learning more about what to eat and when to eat certain foods would be of great benefit to me. My goals were to expand my knowledge on nutrition and increase my energy levels so I could maximize my training sessions and long days on the hill. I was also hoping somehow that this might help me build leg muscle to support my knee again as quickly as possible and it did. Rebecca has helped me way beyond expectation. She has put in an enormous amount of time to help me achieve my goals and has clearly shown me not only her expertise in the industry but also how passionate she is about it. I am now fitter than I’ve ever been, eating healthily, and able to spend more time on the mountain doing what I love doing without exhaustion. I think a nutritional consultation should be mandatory for everyone, especially anyone who loves sport. Thank you so much, Rebecca.”